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Mini-split HVAC systems have made it easy to achieve zoned heating and air conditioning in homes without central ductwork. These HVAC systems are extremely efficient and easy to use, increasing comfort and convenience while reducing your home energy costs over the long term. Learning how to troubleshoot your mini-split HVAC system can help you maintain this system more easily, as well as alert you when it’s time to call your Wilmington HVAC service for professional help.

Check the Outdoor Unit

Mini-split HVAC systems are two-part systems that incorporate an outdoor unit and an indoor air handler. If you’re experiencing trouble with your mini-split system, it’s a good idea to check the condition of the outdoor unit. Oftentimes, dirt and debris buildup can cause damage to the outdoor unit that affects its ability to heat or cool the air, either via poor airflow or due to a damaged part or coolant leak. Additionally, ice buildup on the outdoor unit is a sure sign of trouble in the summer months; this is most often due to a lack of maintenance, and your HVAC service can quickly provide the cleaning and lubrication needed to eliminate ice buildup and maintain proper airflow and high efficiency.

Check Your Home’s Power

If you can’t get your mini-split system to run at all, your home’s electrical system may be to blame. Check your circuit breaker to make sure no circuits are tripped, then check the unit’s cord and plug as well to look for signs of damage. If your remote isn’t working, make sure it has fresh batteries and try using the reset button or see if you can activate the unit manually via its control panel. When you’ve exhausted these possibilities, it’s definitely time to call in an HVAC service expert. Handling electrical issues is something best left to a professional for both convenience and safety.

Clean the Drain Line

Checking your mini-split HVAC system’s drain line regularly will prevent buildup from backing up this line and causing the system to shut down due to water damage. Most HVAC experts recommend using vinegar to keep the drain line clear by pouring a small amount down the line a few times each year, which will help to break up any buildup and flush it through the line. If the unit doesn’t appear to be draining at all or is leaking from the indoor air handler, it’s definitely a job for your HVAC professional. In some cases, a kinked or damaged drain line can cause leaking or backups that cause ongoing water damage to your home if not addressed promptly.

Our HVAC service experts have experience with maintenance, repair, and replacement of a wide variety of home heating and cooling products, including central heating and cooling, heat pumps, and mini-split HVAC systems. If you need professional help with a heating or cooling appliance, please visit our website for more details on our services or to reach us via our web contact form. Our blog also contains additional home comfort and efficiency tips and news to keep you up to date on the latest HVAC terms, technology, and services.

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