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Your HVAC appliances typically sit out of sight and out of mind—until they begin to struggle when providing the temperature and humidity control you want. While regular maintenance can go a long way toward improving the function and the expected lifetime of your furnace and air conditioning, eventually all HVAC system components will need to be replaced. Knowing the most common signs and signals that it’s time to consider new HVAC installation in Wilmington, NC, can help you avoid major breakdowns that can make the replacement process feel more stressful and rushed.

How Old Is Your System?

The age of your HVAC system is a good basic indicator when determining whether you could benefit from replacing or upgrading your heating and cooling appliances. Most HVAC appliances are designed to last between 10-15 years with good maintenance, although several other factors can affect system longevity as well. Over time, advancements in HVAC technology can result in older systems falling out of date relatively quickly, particularly if your current HVAC system is more than ten years old. Even if your appliances appear to be working well, it’s worth talking to your Wilmington heating and cooling service about the efficiency of newer HVAC appliances and the type of savings you can expect to see with an HVAC system upgrade.

Are Your Energy Bills Rising?

Rising energy bills are a reasonable cause for concern; higher energy bills are often the result of poor HVAC efficiency, as your heating and cooling system typically accounts for approximately 40-50% of your home’s total energy needs. If your energy bills have been steadily rising, it’s worth scheduling an HVAC assessment to determine whether it could be because your heating and cooling system are suffering from age or wear and tear that are robbing them of efficiency. When your HVAC system isn’t functioning efficiently, it will consume more energy than necessary to produce the same amount of heating and cooling. While some efficiency issues can be solved with repairs or maintenance, older HVAC systems naturally suffer greater efficiency losses with time and could benefit most from replacement.

Are You Unhappy with Your Home Comfort Levels?

Home heating and cooling is a balance between outside factors, such as the weather, and inside factors, such as the capacity and capabilities of your furnace and air conditioner. If you are unhappy with your home comfort levels even after HVAC repairs or maintenance, it could be a sign that you’ll benefit from a completely new HVAC system. Oftentimes, homes are equipped with HVAC systems that are not correctly matched to the home’s size or comfort needs; regardless of the age of your heating and cooling appliances, they may never be able to deliver the comfort you want at a low cost because they are not well suited to your needs. New HVAC installation with a system that is better matched to your home could be the most effective solution to your comfort problems.

Are you wondering whether it might be time for new HVAC installation in Wilmington, NC? Our HVAC technicians have the knowledge and experience to help you choose the right new system and install your appliances quickly and easily to make the transition a simple and stress-free one. You can check out our website for more details and to find offers you can use for added savings on HVAC system replacement, or click through our blog to explore your heating and cooling options and how to best maintain your system for the greatest long-term performance.

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