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Emergency Heating Repair For Wilmington And Other North Carolina Homes

We know that heating systems don’t always break down during regular office hours. Therefore, our after-hours managers, technicians and Comfort Consultants are available every hour of every day to handle your emergency heating repair needs, including repair and service on your heating system. Our flat-rate pricing ensures that all customers are charged equally for every repair, regardless of how long the job may take. Plus, if you’re a Home Service Plan member and need after-hours or emergency service, you are not charged overtime rates.

Your heating system is complex and made up of many parts that can cause problems by either making your system less efficient or breaking it down altogether. ARS of Wilmington has the knowledge and training to assess and correct any issues you may have.

Your heat pump needs to be in good working order to help your home remain comfortable. We do regular check-ups on your pump and can also install a new one if yours has failed or is simply inefficient. A new heat pump can reduce your electric bill by using less power to operate.

ARS technician with satisfied customer

You never know when your furnace will need repairs. Often, it happens at the worst time and at the unwanted expense. We can come to your home to closely inspect your furnace and make a recommendation as to whether it is better to repair or replace your existing furnace. Sometimes, investing in a more energy-efficient furnace today will pay off in the future in the form of lower utility bills. We leave the decision up to you, but present you with all the information you need to make an informed choice.

We highly recommend having your heating system checked on a yearly basis. Our preventative maintenance policy does just this. It can improve the performance of your heating system, help your system last longer and be more efficient, lower your energy costs, and make your system safer. With annual maintenance, you can likely avoid inconvenient and expensive breakdowns.

Free In-Home Consultation

In addition, if you are in need of a new furnace, air handler, or heat pump, our Comfort Advisors will provide a free in-home consultation at your convenience, whether that be during the day, at night or on a weekend.

Providing excellent service and ideal comfort to our customers is our top priorities at ARS / Rescue Rooter. If you need emergency heating repair in Wilmington, NC*, don’t hesitate to call (910) 799-8810.

*additional fees may apply

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