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Your Wilmington HVAC service recommends biannual preventive tune-ups to keep your heating and cooling system in good shape. However, if you haven’t experienced a problem with your heater recently, you may think it’s perfectly safe to skip the tune-up service this fall. If you’re wondering whether you really need that fall heating tune-up this year, the simple answer is, “Yes.” The benefits of a professional heating tune-up are many, and include peace of mind, home comfort, family health, and financial savings throughout the winter season—keep reading to find out more about the necessity of regular heating tune-ups, even when your heater seems to be working correctly.

Tune-Ups Maintain Efficiency

Over time, your HVAC system experiences wear and tear associated with normal use. This wear and tear naturally causes a loss of efficiency, as parts become worn or dirty. In some cases, wear and tear alone can be responsible for up to 5% heating efficiency loss per year. Although your furnace may be losing efficiency, it can still continue working to heat your home without issue. However, this efficiency loss means it will cost more in terms of fuel to produce the same level of heating, year after year. A heating tune-up will reverse the effects of wear and tear, restoring your furnace to the high level of efficiency it maintained when it was first installed. While you may not notice a major difference in heating function, you’ll certainly notice a difference in the amount of time your furnace runs and in the total on your monthly heating bills.

Tune-Ups Improve Air Quality

The air quality inside your home impacts your comfort and health. During the winter, homeowners are much less likely to simply open a window for fresh air, due to the temperature outside. This allows airborne contaminants to build up inside the home, affecting the quality and comfort of your living environment. A dirty HVAC system that has been left unattended can accumulate dust and dirt buildup that affects not only the efficiency of your heater, but also the quality of the air you breathe. As air flows through a dirty heating system, it will pick up loose debris, carrying it into your living spaces. This debris often consists of common allergens, such as dust, pollen, animal dander, and soot, which may trigger allergies or even asthma attacks. Burner systems that have accumulated dirt and soot can also produce unpleasant burning odors when the system is in use. During your heater tune-up, your HVAC professional will clean your furnace thoroughly and replace the furnace filter, which screens out larger particles such as dust and pollen so they will no longer circulate through your home. This simple service will not only improve heater efficiency, but also improve the quality of the air inside your home for greater health and fresher indoor air throughout the winter season.

If you’re ready to enjoy the many benefits of a heating tune-up in Wilmington, NC, you can reach an experienced HVAC service technician via our website to schedule your next tune-up service. We also encourage you to consider our preventive maintenance home service plans, which make saving money and energy easy and cost-effective. You can learn more about HVAC efficiency, air quality, and the benefits of scheduling maintenance and prompt repairs when you click through our complete blog library.

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