Furnace Repair Spotlight: Pilot Assembly and Burners

Combustion furnaces rely on a fuel source and a set of burners to heat your home. Because these components are integral to the furnace’s ability to create heat, issues that affect the burners and ignition assembly are often the cause of a drop in performance or a complete failure to produce heat at all. Heating issues that affect the fuel line, ignition system, or burners should always be handled by a professional for efficacy and safety—if you notice an issue with your furnace that you suspect is related to its pilot assembly or burners, it’s time to call for professional furnace repair in Wilmington, NC.

Furnace Noises

While any strange noises emanating from your furnace typically indicate the need for furnace repair, certain noises can help you determine the problem causing them. Loud booms or thuds when the furnace activates is often a sign of a dirty burner assembly; louder-than-usual rumbling while your furnace is operating could also indicate dirt and dust buildup on the burner and pilot assembly components. The first step to take if you suspect a dirty burner assembly is to change your furnace filter, which will prevent further dirt and dust buildup inside the system. Next, call for professional furnace repair to clean the components of existing buildup and check them for wear.

Pilot Light Problems

Gas furnaces often rely on a standing pilot light to trigger combustion when the furnace activates. If the pilot light goes out, it will keep your furnace from igniting and producing the heat you expect. Cold air blowing from your vents is a sign that something is affecting your furnace’s ability to create heat; checking the pilot light is a good first step, and re-lighting a pilot that has gone out may solve your problem. However, if you think the pilot or burner assembly may be damaged, don’t re-light the pilot and instead call a professional for furnace repair. If you are able to re-light the pilot but it goes out again, or the pilot light appears to be flickering or burning a yellow or red color, it’s also time to call for furnace cleaning and repair. A flickering pilot light could indicate a dirty pilot assembly, while pilot lights that burn the wrong color are burning at the wrong temperature or with the wrong mixture of gas and air to produce heat effectively and safely.

Your furnace should provide the even, effective heat you want, even on the coldest winter days. Our experienced HVAC service technicians can provide fast furnace repair in Wilmington, NC, to ensure your heating system is working properly and efficiently to help you save money and stay comfortable at home. You can find out more about us or reach a furnace repair technician on our website, or click through our additional blog articles for more heating and cooling advice and information.

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