Tips to Get the Most from Your New Air Conditioner

Replacing your home’s cooling system is an opportunity to make small changes that will have a big impact on your home comfort and your monthly bills. Making the right choices today will allow you reap benefits for years to come, helping you to get every cent back and more as return on your smart investment. Following a few simple tips can help you get the most from your new air conditioner following air conditioning installation in Wilmington.

Choose the Right Size

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make when installing a new air conditioner is purchasing a unit that is not the right size. Air conditioners are designed with a specific amount of cooling capacity—matching your air conditioner’s capacity to your home’s size is the best way to ensure the system will perform with optimal efficiency. Purchasing an air conditioner that is too large or too small won’t deliver the temperature and humidity control you want, causing it to constantly struggle to meet your needs and raising the cost of achieving a comfortable indoor environment. Long before you set you air conditioning installation date, you should have your air conditioning service evaluate your home and your climate control needs to help you select a unit that is appropriate for your home.

Prepare Outdoor Areas Properly

The placement of your air conditioner’s outdoor condenser and its surrounding environment also play a role in your air conditioner’s efficiency. Choosing and preparing the outdoor site for your condenser can further boost your home’s cooling savings after air conditioning installation. It’s often easiest to reuse the location of your previous air conditioner’s condenser, but check to make sure this really is the best spot. Your condenser should be in a location that receives limited direct sunlight and is not near other sources of heat, such as the exhaust vent for your dryer. Although it can be tempting to hide your condenser with foliage, this can also affect system performance and longevity—before air conditioning installation, have the landscaping around the condenser site trimmed back for three feet in all directions, including overhead. Finally, if you will be reusing the existing concrete pad, make sure it is in good condition and schedule any repairs that may be needed prior to new system installation.

Schedule Professional Installation and Maintenance

Air conditioning installation is not a DIY project. Professional air conditioning installation will ensure that your new system is placed correctly, all attachments and connections are secure, and that any electrical, building, and manufacturer’s codes and recommendations have been observed. A professional installation can make the difference between mediocre efficiency and the highest efficiency attainable by your new system, which can add up to thousands of dollars in energy savings over the lifetime of your air conditioning. After professional air conditioning installation, the best way to keep your new cooling system working efficiently is to schedule regular professional maintenance services as well. Regular maintenance will go a long way toward helping you get the most from your investment by keeping your air conditioner clean and addressing any worn or failing parts before they can lead to cooling problems or cause efficiency to drop.

Our professionals are here to help you with every step of the air conditioning replacement process, from performing a home energy assessment to completing professional air conditioning installation in Wilmington. Please stop by our website to explore our home cooling products and services, or click through our blog to learn more about choosing, installing, and maintaining a high-efficiency air conditioning system.

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