Are You Harming Your Heating System?

Smart usage practices are the key to maintaining a healthy and efficient heating system in Wilmington. However, many homeowners don’t know that some habits can actually harm their heating system, leading to an increased risk of heating problems and affecting the system’s overall expected longevity. Keep reading to learn more about some of the most common habits that harm your heating system, and how you can change your daily usage for greater home comfort and energy savings.

Closing Too Many Registers

Central heating systems use ducts to distribute heated air throughout the home. Each duct ends in one or more air registers in your rooms, which can be opened or closed. While closing the air registers in little-used rooms can help you save energy by funneling heat toward the spaces where you need it most, studies have found that closing or blocking too many air registers actually has the opposite effect. When more than 30-60% of a home’s air registers are closed, it creates excess strain on the heating system by disrupting the system’s intended pattern of airflow. This extra strain will not only raise, rather than lower, the cost of heating your home, it will also increase the chances of a blower motor breakdown, which can leave your home without central heating until heating repairs have been made.

Neglecting Maintenance and Repairs

While it can be tempting to leave your furnace filter in place for one more month or put off biannual maintenance if your HVAC system is working without issue, a lack of maintenance will cause dirt and dust to build up inside the appliances and increase the rate at which parts become worn. Over time, a spotty or blank history of maintenance will cause your heater to lose efficiency drastically, which in turn means it must work harder to meet your home heating demands. The increase in strain will also increase the risk of a breakdown, thus threatening the health of your heating system. Similarly, putting off heating repairs that seem minor can also increase your furnace’s risk of developing more significant problems over time. As your furnace continues to struggle with a part that is not working properly, other components will wear down prematurely or fail completely. As soon as you notice a problem or change in the way your heating system works, calling in a heating repair professional to assess the situation and make appropriate repairs is the best way to avoid further harm to your HVAC system.

Using the Thermostat Improperly

When you want to heat your home quickly, you may think it’s best to turn your thermostat high, then lower the temperature later after the system has warmed your space. However, this practice does not actually make your furnace heat your home more quickly, and in fact will cause your furnace to use more energy and work harder to achieve the original high setting, even once you lower your thermostat. Maintaining a more even temperature in your home and making adjustments of only a few degrees up or down depending on whether you are home or away is the best way to keep your space more comfortable and prevent working your furnace harder than necessary.

Our home heating repair experts in Wilmington are here to help you reduce strain on your heating system and address your repair needs immediately for better home comfort and a healthier HVAC system. You can find out more on our website, or by clicking through our monthly blog.

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